Tiki26 Assembling & Fitting

Tiki26 Assembling & Fitting. In the beginning of July catamaran was brought to Yachting center in Izola. It took us 6 weeks to build the catamaran, to bring 12V electricity on it, to place the instruments and do some other necessary things. Again, several old friends and new ones that I have met in Izola helped us a great deal.

Tiki26 Assembling & Fitting

The catamaran was built so quickly and finished thanks to sponsors, especially to Boris Šolar from the Cetrta pot company who contributed the complete solar system, special thanks goes to Jan Rihar from the Loka Trend company for all the instruments and a VHF station; special thanks goes also to SR d.o.o. company from the town of Preddvor who furnished the catamaran with sails, trampolins and awning and many other people as well.

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