Catamaran ARIKI in the Books

 by Matjaz Chvatal

This is a captivating book series that chronicles the incredible journey and realization of a long-held dream of building and sailing a Wharram’s catamaran.

Starting with the day they received the boat plans, the first book takes us through the whole process of building and assembling the catamaran in their own backyard, naming it Ariki, and finally setting sail on their first journey.

The book series is a testament to the couple’s dedication, hard work, and passion for sailing. With books that showcase many steps of the journey, this book series is a must-read for anyone interested in boats and sailing, or simply seeking inspiration to pursue their dreams.

“Building Tiki 26 in 180 Days,” is a fascinating book chronicling the author’s journey of constructing a catamaran in their own backyard.
Through a series of detailed chapters, the author takes us on a captivating adventure, from choosing the right boat and assembling it piece by piece, to its first sailing and modifications to the interior and exterior.
Along the way, we learn about the challenges and rewards of building a vessel and the new lifestyle that comes with it.
Join the author on their nautical quest, and discover the joy of building and sailing your own boat.

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Welcome to Sansego – Susak, an island situated at the very end of the Adriatic Sea.
This book takes you on a journey through the beautiful and unique character of this island, as well as the surrounding areas of Istra and Kvarner.
From its optimal anchoring location to its special character, Sansego has become a beloved destination for sailors and travelers alike.
In this book, you will explore the island’s rich culture, history, and the wonderful people who call it home.
Join us on this adventure as we dive deep into the heart of Sansego.

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Naked Sailing is a captivating book that takes readers on an intimate and adventurous voyage through the crystal-clear waters of the northern Adriatic.
This travelogue, culinary adventure, and naturist escapade shares the author’s passion for sailing, cooking, and living life to the fullest.
Join the author and his wife as they discover the joys and challenges of navigating the open sea, battling strong winds and rough waters, and anchoring in idyllic spots while indulging in the liberating pleasure of sailing naked.

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Matjaž Chvatal is a Slovenian author, photographer, and videographer who has been active in the publishing industry since 1994. He is the co-founder of the family company Založba Turistika, which produces and distributes tourist guides about Slovenia in multiple languages.

In addition to his work as an author, Chvatal is also a skilled photographer and videographer. He produces his own documentary videos that accompany his two blogs, one of which is about Slovenia and tourism, while the other focuses on his adventures at sea aboard his homemade wooden catamaran.

Chvatal‘s success as an author is reflected in the hundreds of thousands of editions of his tourist guides that have been sold over the years. However, he sees writing and publishing as a means to an end, allowing him to pursue his true passions and live a fulfilling life.

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