One of my dreams was to build a sailing catamaran. At that time I was wondering how to construct and sail a boat without experience. The whole story is published in this blog. The articles are accompanied by a number of photos and documentary videos.

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Naked Sailing
Naked Sailing

Discover a world of intimate adventures as this mesmerizing book unravels the shimmering expanse of the northern Adriatic,

Sansego - Susak

Journey through the beautiful and unique character of the Sansego: Island of Secrets, as well as the surrounding areas of Istra and Kvarner.

Without clothes through time

Without clothes through time – In this video, we tell you about the origin and flourishing of nudism, which was also helped by crowned heads.

Nudity is a trait
Nudity is a trait

Nudity is a trait - I must first emphasize that nudity is not a thing or an object. Nudity can only be a trait.

Nude at the after party
Nude at the After Party

Nude at the after party – A party with friends awaits us along the only uninhabited part of the Slovenian coast, where there are no walkers.

Intimate on board
Intimate on board

Intimate on board - Part of life on small boats, which is hidden from view, but still excites the imagination of many.

Pokljuka gorge
Pokljuka Gorge

At the beginning of the valley of the river Radovna, an interesting Pokljuka gorge flows into the slope of Pokljuka.

Gorge Zarica mystery
Gorge Zarica Mystery

Gorge Zarica mystery where at 300 m above sea level grow flowers that grow only in the mountains, high above the forest border.

The bright side of wine
The bright side of wine

The bright side of wine - Our friends Lojze and Tina from Happy mountain invited us to their vineyard for the harvest.

Naked sailing

Sailing Naked - We will sail past Rovinj and the largest gay and swinger beach in the Adriatic to the magical bay, where wine is cheaper than

Shelter in a strong bora
Shelter in a strong bora

Shelter in a strong bora - We didn't get shelter on Susak. Catamarans were prohibited from landing there. That's why we returned to Istria.

Sailing and cooking
Sailing and Cooking

Sailing and cooking acros western Istrian coast September is the most beautiful time of the year for sailing the northern Adriatic.

Catamaran ARIKI
This is the Last Day

This is the last day in the shopyard for us and also for crane operator Emil. Ariki will be the last boat of his career.