Finding the Best Boat in the World: Judging the Ariki by Artificial Intelligence Criteria.

Join us in this interesting immersion into the world of vessels! In this video, we analyze the Ariki boat using rigorous AI criteria to see if it really could be the best boat in the world. Ariki, an 8-meter catamaran, is scrutinized for its stability, durability of materials, seaworthiness, comfort and safety.

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What qualities should the best boat in the world have? What does the AI think of Ariki based on these standards? See how we rated Ariki’s capabilities and what average score we got.

Is the Ariki really the perfect boat for your needs? Check out our analysis and find out how you would rate Ariki using the same criteria!

Don’t miss this interesting review and see if Ariki really is the best boat in the world according to our exacting standards! What do you think about the best boat in the world? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Ariki is ready

That year 2021, winter started very early. The first snow fell already in November. Our boat cover serves its purpose perfectly. Ariki is dry and warm underneath. Below it is the house septic tank, which emits heat, and the cover retains this heat. That’s why it’s always a bit warmer under the tarp at Ariki than outside.

The snow kept falling and melting, and falling again and melting again… and the calendar winter hadn’t even started yet.

We stored Ariki very nicely. He’ll be fine this winter. No work and no costs associated with it anymore. That’s why thoughts sometimes wander a little where they don’t normally go.

What do we want, it’s winter, the nights are long, the days are short. There is little work, but more than too much time.

Findeing the best boat in the world

Now a very serious question, coming from a delusional mind: DOES THE BEST BOAT IN THE WORLD EXIST?

Is it even possible for a single boat to really be the best in the world?

No, that’s really not possible. The best boat in the world they haven’t built yet.

But what if we look at it from another angle? In this case, many, many of the best boats in the world have been built!

Why this is so, is not difficult to figure out. Because there are as many people as there are desires, says the old saying. It’s like that in life too. People are different. For someone, the best boat in the world is already a small inflatable kayak.

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All the boats are the best boats in the world

It is impossible to determine which is the best boat in the world. Not all people like the same things. Therefore, the wishes and needs are also different. The choice of the best boat in the world for an individual therefore depends mainly on the purpose of use and the thickness of the wallet. The bigger the boat, the more money it requires.

Therefore, it depends on us which boat is the best boat in the world for us.

The best boat for everyone

The best boat in the world is difficult to choose from the multitude of new and used vessels available. The choice of boat is decisively influenced by the purpose of use, personal preferences, location and, of course, the thickness of our wallet.

You need to think seriously about what you expect from the boat. You have to know in what way and for what purpose it will serve. The size and capacity of the boat are also important factors. At the same time, one should not forget about comfort. The most important thing that decides in the end comes last: it is the price.

So the best boat in the world is the boat that meets our needs, is comfortable, fast, durable, reliable, easy to use and cheap.

Finding the Best Boat in the World

Finding the Best Boat in the World, Finding the Best Boat in the World, Finding the Best Boat in the World, Finding the Best Boat in the World, Finding the Best Boat in the World, 

Features of the best boat

We asked artificial intelligence what features the best boat in the world should have. According to the criteria we got there, we will evaluate our catamaran with marks from one to 5. So now it will be seen whether the Ariki is the best boat in the world?

1. The best boat should have excellent stability so that it remains upright and balanced even in rough seas or in heavier wind conditions.

Ariki fully fulfills this criterion. Therefore, in the first point, I get the highest score of 5.

2. The use of durable and high-quality materials such as fiberglass, aluminum or composites would ensure the durability, safety and longevity of the boat.

The Ariki is constructed of plywood laminate and epoxy. These surfaces are durable and meet the requirements of this criterion. But, on some exposed parts, Ariki has built-in wooden parts that are exposed to the weather and are not as durable. These parts require frequent service. Therefore, we can give a rating of 3 at this point.

3. The shape of the hull, engine and propeller should allow efficient sailing with quick response to steering and maneuvering.

Ariki has absolutely excellent sailing abilities. It holds the direction as if you were driving on railway tracks. Maneuvering it is light and easy. With your little finger on the handlebars, you can control it with centimeter precision. Therefore, it definitely deserves the highest score of 5 for this criterion.

4. The best boat should have good speed, fuel consumption and cruising range to be suitable for different types of use and water conditions.

Ariki’s speed with a 9.8 horsepower engine is 8 knots. For an 8 m long boat, this is not so little at all. Its optimum speed is 6 knots. At this speed, it consumes 2 liters of gasoline per hour. In the right wind, it is of course faster with sails. Sailing at 15 knots is not unusual. Unfortunately, this is only the case with the wind at your back or side. When sailing into the wind, Ariki is very helpless. You drive it to and fro across the sea all day long, sailing dozens of miles to actually reach an island a few miles away. In such a case, it is necessary to wait for the right wind.
boat But if there is no time for this, it is necessary to start the engine. Because of this, Ariki cannot get the highest score at this point. But he definitely deserves 4.

5. The interior of the boat should be well designed with comfortable seating, storage space for gear and protection from the elements such as sun, rain and wind.

Ariki’s interior is small. Oh, and how small. There is one modest berth in the left hull and a small kitchen pressed against the side of the boat. There are two berths in the right hull. But the two can’t sleep together, but one after the other. So that they come into contact with their heads or their feet. It’s different on deck. There is more than enough room there. Comforts are not in abundance there either. So we’ll give Ariki a 2 at this point. He really doesn’t deserve more. Ariki, jap, minimalism and asceticism.

6. It should be equipped with all necessary safety features, including suitable life-saving appliances, navigation systems, signaling equipment and fire extinguishers.

Ariki is not equipped with all necessary safety features. There are no navigation systems on it either. The Ariki has a compass, also has signal lights on the top of the mast and a small powder fire extinguisher. Ah, lest I forget, Ariki has 6 lifejacket’s in there somewhere in the forward cargo hold. They’ve been there for years. Brand new. No one has ever used them. So what rating does Ariki deserve at this point? Would you give it a 3?

How about giving it a 5 instead. This is because Ariki is an extremely safe boat, with high performance in high seas and strong winds. It is in those difficult conditions that the true ability of the boat is revealed. And Ariki then becomes a real sovereign off-roader, somehow easily handling all the challenges that nature puts in front of him.

7. The boat should be economical to maintain and operate, with minimal servicing and repair costs.

Maintenance and repair costs on the Ariki are minimal. Most of the cost is usually the raising and lowering of the boat and the service area on land. The material costs for repairs are minimal and range from a few dollars for servicing a crack in the wood to a maximum of a few hundred dollars for a complete overhaul. Therefore, at this point Ariki gets a maximum score of 5.

8. The aspect of the adaptability of the boat to different users and purposes, such as fishing, leisure, sports activities or transport, is also important.

We built Ariki for wandering. For sailing, cruising and travel. But we used it a lot for the weekend at the sea. For a bathing platform and a place to hang out. It really suits these purposes perfectly. Of course, it also has faults, because it is really not pleasant on it during long periods of bad weather. But after every rain, the sun shines and then it gets cute again.

Ariki is a minimalist and ascetic boat with extremely good seaworthiness. There is almost no comfort on it. It can only be used in summer when it is warm. We understand that this is not a boat for the winter, nor for the cooler days of fall or spring. This is a boat for summer, for warm places and high waves.
Because it perfectly fits its purpose, we will give Ariki the highest score of 5 at this point as well.


  1. Excellent stability: 5
  2. High quality materials: 3
  3. Optimal seaworthiness: 5
  4. Excellent performance: 4
  5. High level of comfort: 2
  6. Complete security: 5
  7. Low maintenance and use costs: 5
  8. Flexibility:           5

       AVERAGE RATING 4.25

If I add these all together and divide by eight, I get the result. 4.25 is the average score according to artificial intelligence criteria. Not bad. Not bad at all. The score is higher than we expected. But it’s just right. If there’s anything the Ariki lacks, it’s the cabins and interior comfort. He has enough of everything else. That’s why, for us at least, it’s still the best boat in the world.

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