About Dreams That Became Reality

About a big and long-standing wish that started to come true in 2003. That’s when we started building a 26-foot-long catamaran out of plywood and epoxy.
A year later, the catamaran sailed for the first time. Since then, we have been sailing and wandering around with our catamaran, repairing it and adding new improvements.
All important events, repairs and modifications are published in this blog.

It's Time to Know Us


Catamaran ARIKI’s Crew – Matjaz and Mira
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Extraordinary Experiences​

The most I was wondering how can an amateur that knows nothing about building boats can build a DIY catamaran. Probably it was because of this question that the majority never thinks of DIY. Well, it was not difficult, I just started and somehow it went. It took us 6 months to build the catamaran. Several old friends and new ones helped us a great deal. My family, neighbors and several friends helped me to build the catamaran. It would not be finished so soon and that smoothly without them.   Matjaz Chvatal

How Catamaran Ariki got name is the story of a boat that has at least a little Maori origin and a Maori name.

New lifestyle brought a new dimension of worry in my head. I constantly monitored weather forecasts and worried if everything was OK.

Article "Awaiting for the calmness" about Matjaz Chvatal was published in the main Slovenian newspaper DELO.

A few years ago he made his childhood dreams come true. After he single-handedly built his own wooden house somewhere in beautiful Slovenian Alps, he started building his own boat. He named it catamaran ARIKI, which in Polynesian means a chieftain. Himself and his crew get enough opportunity to enjoy themselves.
Urska Kriselj Grubar

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