Assembling a catamaran

Assembling a catamaran, installing electricity, setting up a mast, equipping it with ropes and other necessary equipment is a very expensive thing. It’s a complicated job, especially if you’ve never done it before.

In the beginning of July catamaran was brought to Yachting center in Izola. It took us 6 weeks to build the catamaran, to bring 12V electricity on it, to place the instruments and do some other necessary things. 

Again, several old friends and new ones that I have met in Izola helped us a great deal.


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The catamaran was built so quickly and finished thanks to sponsors:

In the Yachting center, we received a warm welcome. Nowhere else on the Slovenian coast there is such a working oasis. Here you can do just about anything and there are no visitors at all. It took us 3 weeks to put the catamaran together and make it ready for the first sailing. It was put together quickly and afterwards the work on small things has started: a 12V electricity needed to be set, 55 W solar panel enables enough electricity. So as far the electricity goes, the catamaran is completely self-sufficient.

Assembling a catamaran

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