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Catamaran ARIKI

The story of Catamaran ARIKI tells about the construction, maintenance, home port, cruises, naturism, the sea, the islands, the people…


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Catamaran Ariki

Articles on catamaran design and construction, modifications, sails and equipment, new realized ideas and accessories.

Articles on wood, plywood and epoxy catamaran maintenance, restorations and minor and major repairs needed on such a boat.

Articles about sailing trips, cruises and adventures, wanderings and mysterious places we visit on our voyages

Little secrets include articles on more or less titillating topics, nudity, nudism, naturism and trips around our homeland.


This is a captivating book series that chronicles the incredible journey of Matjaž and his wife, who fulfill their long-held dream of building and sailing a Wharram’s catamaran.

Join the author and his wife on their nautical quest, and discover the joy of building and sailing your own boat.
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This book takes you on a journey through the beautiful and unique character of island Susak as well as the surrounding areas.
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Naked Sailing

Is a captivating book that takes readers on an intimate and adventurous voyage through the crystal-clear waters of the northern Adriatic. 
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