Specifications, time required to build and all costs including full equipment on a 26-foot self-built catamaran

The Catamaran ARIKI is a boat designed by James Wharram.
In his catalog, this model bears the label “Tiki 26”.

You can get a plan for this model and many more at this link:
James Wharram Design

Tiki 26 Building Time and Costs

The whole process of building took us six months, approximately 2000 work hours. We spend about 15k to empty and 24k to full equiped boat. Not cheap and also not expensive.

Tiki 26 - Specifications

Length owerall: 8 m
Beam: 4,60 m
Draft: 0,60 m
Weight: 800 kg
Capacity: 700 kg
4 beds in 2 cabins
Motor: Outboard 9,8 KS
Sails: 25,5 m2 
(Main 15,5 m2, Jib 10 m2, Storm jib 1,8 m2)

Catamaran ARIKI - Tiki 26