It's Time to Know Us

Catamaran ARIKI’s Crew
Matjaz and Mira Chvatal

Extraordinary Experiences​

The most I was wondering how can an amateur that knows nothing about building boats can build a DIY catamaran. Probably it was because of this question that the majority never thinks of DIY. Well, it was not difficult, I just started and somehow it went. It took us 6 months to build the catamaran. Several old friends and new ones helped us a great deal. My family, neighbors and several friends helped me to build the catamaran. It would not be finished so soon and that smoothly without them.   Matjaz Chvatal

I met Matjaž 30 years ago. Already then, he told me about Wharram’s catamarans. Then we got married, the children came, …

When I first sailed to the south, I wasn’t worried at all Catamaran Tiki 26 – New Lifestyle. I hadn’t truly developed …

Awaiting for the calmness – This one article about me was published in the biggest Slovenian newspaper DELO. Written by jurnalist Urska Kriselj …

A few years ago he made his childhood dreams come true. After he single-handedly built his own wooden house somewhere in beautiful Slovenian Alps, he started building his own boat. He named it catamaran ARIKI, which in Polynesian means a chieftain. Himself and his crew get enough opportunity to enjoy themselves. He loves the calmness at the sea
Urska Kriselj Grubar