Catamaran ARIKI Set Sails

Catamaran ARIKI set sails

In this video we will show you how Catamaran ARIKI set sails and what kind of sails the catamaran Ariki has and how to install them and prepare them for sailing. 

Catamaran Ariki has one mast and only two sails. The front is a jib with an area of 10 m2, and at the back is the main sail, which is 15 m2 in size. 

When the sails are not used, they are folded, secured with long elastic and protected against ultraviolet light with a linen wrapper. 

The main sail is called wingsail. This is an old Dutch sail, which has the shape of a plane wing. The mast is literally dressed in it. This sail bottom has no boom, and above it hangs from the gaf, which is split in the mast. It is just a little more than a meter long.

Watch the video about ropes.

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