Why are we Ashamed of Nudity

Why are we ashamed of nudity? Some people may feel comfortable and confident in their nudity, while others feel intense shame. Have you ever wondered why we are ashamed of nudity? How is it that some are simply not ashamed to bare their own bodies, while others do not dare to show themselves even in a bathing suit? Where does their shame come from? We will try to answer these and some other questions in this article.

Why are we ashamed of nudity, Why are we ashamed of nudity, Why are we ashamed of nudity

Nudity is the most natural thing

All of us, animals and humans, come into the world naked. Animals remain the way they came into the world throughout their lives. Even people in some old cultures in the tropical belt still live as they used to and as they came into the world. But civilization comes there too, bringing with it prejudices and, of course, shame. The more civilization invades such areas, the more obscured people become.

Of course, even among civilized peoples, there are individuals who know no shame in the face of nudity. But in this video we will not talk about them, but about those others, about those who are ashamed and why they are ashamed.

Reasons to be ashamed

There are many reasons to be ashamed of nudity. They originate from cultural, social, religious and other, often very personal beliefs.

In many parts of the world, nudity is not appropriate or even a taboo subject. In such cultures, children are raised to be aware of the inappropriateness of nudity from an early age. That one should not reveal one’s body in front of other people’s eyes.

In such societies, there is a belief that it is the clothes that bring you respect. Even young children are instilled with the belief that nudity means immorality. All major religions also command the covering of the body as a sign of respect for fellow human beings, religion and God.

Why are we ashamed of nudity

Why are we ashamed of nudity, Why are we ashamed of nudity, Why are we ashamed of nudity

Animals know no shame

Animals don’t care about their appearance. Probably because they don’t use mirrors. Maybe that’s why they don’t know vanity.

It’s different with people. We spend a lot of time in front of mirrors. Every hair bothers us. Tidiness comes first, and dress comes second. Everything for a beautiful appearance.

And yet, many are dissatisfied with their bodies. Some are ashamed of too lush curves or rings around the stomach. Others are ashamed of their bony bodies.

Many men do not dare to show their masculinity because they live in the belief that they have a small one, although most of them are quite average. Women are ashamed of saggy breasts, big buttocks, cellulite, bony, obesity, and we could go on and on, but we wouldn’t list everything.

Such people are afraid to reveal their bodies because they fear negative opinions about their physical appearance. They are so afraid of criticism and evaluation that they remain hidden. The prevailing belief among them is that they will be despised and shamed because of the appearance of their bodies. Therefore, they feel discomfort accompanied by intense shame.

There is simply no universal cause of shame. Humans differ in this respect as well.

What is a shame

Shame is a painful, strongly negative and unwanted emotion. Of all the basic emotions (sadness, anger, disgust, fear, joy), shame is the most difficult for humans to tolerate.

Shame is strongly associated with negative self-evaluation. It is therefore a deeply negative experience of oneself as unsuitable, inadequate, unwanted and unworthy.

It is about judging yourself as a person. In the case of shame, the individual often focuses on past experiences in which he was evaluated as a bad person.

In this emotional state, despite the desire to withdraw and escape, the individual is very helpless and passive, and often denies responsibility for his condition.

Due to the inability to deal with shame on an emotional level, he tries to solve this emotional state by physically withdrawing from the situation, by emotionally freezing and cutting off contact with himself, by cutting off contact with other people, with anger or even aggression.

Why are we ashamed of nudity, Why are we ashamed of nudity, Why are we ashamed of nudity

Shame on Ariki

At Ariki, too, we are at least a little ashamed of nudity. We are naked at sea if we are alone. If there is a larger crew on board, it depends on other people. If they are free, then we are all naked. If they are too ashamed to be naked, then we are clothed. Just different. Whatever suits you best.

But sometimes we gets different people on board. Those who feel strong discomfort if someone is naked near them. On days like these, we also have to be conventionally veiled. There is no other way.

When the Ariki sails to a populated area, we are always appropriately dressed on board. 

Nudity on the Adriatic

Nudity is prohibited in Adriatic coastal and island cities and towns. In many places it is also criminal. In some major tourist towns, even bathing suits are prohibited. In their opinion, these do not belong in the city, but only on the beach.

If you walk around the coastal and island towns in a bathing suit, you’ll soon have a warden or a policeman behind you, who will write you a hefty fine. So should he be ashamed? Of course not. His belief, and the belief of many inhabitants of the Adriatic, is that you should be ashamed of yourself for walking around town in a bathing suit. This is just immoral and inappropriate!

That’s why on Ariki we will continue to be naked out at sea, or at anchor in a bay where there are no crowds and the company is relaxed, free and unashamed of this or that wrinkle, curve or bone. Or that someone would see that white part of the body that we all have behind our backs, both men and women.


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