Boat Building

The dream came true

Boat building – The DIY construction plan is actually a comic book including all of the instructions on how to use tools and materials. It is meant as a construction of plywood, wood and epoxy. So the boat is easy, flexible and strong. 

I got all the material without a problem in Slovenia. So I got oak wood and ocume plywood in a Slovenijales store in Šentvid near Ljubljana that is usually imported by the Javor company from the town of Pivka because this company has its store in Ljubljana, however they want you to pay immediately. But in Slovenijales they gave me wood in advance and I had it transported. 

I bought epoxy in Mitol in the town of Sežana, all other extras for mixing fillets and fabrics I got in the Mirnik company in Ljubljana and some of it in Trieste (Italy). But I have to say that the material from Trieste was much better.

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“Building Tiki 26 in 180 Days,” is a fascinating book chronicling the author’s journey of constructing a catamaran in their own backyard. Through a series of detailed chapters, the author takes us on a captivating adventure, from choosing the right boat and assembling it piece by piece, to its first sailing and modifications to the interior and exterior. Along the way, we learn about the challenges and rewards of building a vessel and the new lifestyle that comes with it. Join the author on their nautical quest, and discover the joy of building and sailing your own boat.
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Building Tiki 26 in 180 Days - Backyard

We started to build the catamaran in the beginning of July on our home backyard. In three weeks the rough construction of the first boat was peaking out of our home garage. It was finished in a month and a half, afterwards we started to build another one.

This scared our “good neighbor” so that he called the police. They came to demand that all of the works be stopped. Of course we ignored them and continued with our work in front of them.


They came to demand that all of the works be stopped.

A week afterwards when we were in the middle of the upper part of hullside on the second hull, we were visited by a marketing inspector and he demanded the documentation that allows serial boat production.

“So he came because somebody said we are involved in illegal stuff here?”

“Aha, there are two boats here I wonder how many of them are already completed!”

“We have 10 orders until the end of the year” I said and the inspector believed it. Uh how hard it was for me to convince him we were only building a catamaran.

Building Tiki 26 in 180 Days - 41 Photos
Building Tiki 26 in 180 Days - From July to December

Until the middle of October both sides of the catamaran were completed, all the three beams, cockpit and mast. The day became shorter. Temperatures went down. No more hot and long summer. We had to work with epoxy and that is why we needed a dry and at a warm place. We loaded a truck and drove our boat to a deserted factory.

So in the next two months we made all the details, inner equipment, lids, mast, gaff and steerings. Catamaran was laminated and colored. At the end of December we drove it towards the sea. There it waited for the summer; olive trees were keeping him company, not far away from the shore.

My family, neighbors and several friends helped me to build the catamaran. It would not be finished so soon and that smoothly without them. The whole process of building took us five months and three weeks, approximately 2000 work hours from July to December of 2003.

We Building Tiki 26 in 180 Days!

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