Bikini and Topless

Bikini and Topless – The video discusses two key events, nuclear explosion and the creation of bikini swimwear.

Bikini was described as shocking and scandalously innovative, causing various social reactions, including protests and violence against women who wore this swimsuit. 

The bikini eventually became a regular part of the wardrobe, while topless (topless) fashion took on the role of a new provocation. 

Video highlights the difference between the bikini’s original provocativeness and the current norm, and reflects on social norms and changes over time.

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Atomic bomb

In the month of July, long ago in 1946, two things happened, each of which marked the world in its own way.

In the middle of the Pacific in the Marshall Islands in Micronesia, a nuclear test was conducted. Two nuclear bombs were dropped on Bikini and Eniwetok atolls. The first bomb was dropped on July 1, 1946, and the second on July 25, 1946. 200 ships, 500 planes and 42,000 people participated in the experiment.

The inhabitants of these atolls were relocated before the tests began. After a series of similar nuclear tests, on March 1, 1954, a hydrogen bomb was launched, which was thousands of times more powerful than the two atomic bombs used to end World War II in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The power of the hydrogen bomb explosion greatly exceeded all expectations.

bikini and Topless

Bikini swimwear

Exactly in July of the distant year 1946 – in the exact month that two nuclear bombs exploded on Bikini, an even more powerful explosion took place in the middle of Paris, France. This explosion overrode the nuclear one. The echo is very clearly visible even today.

What do you think happened in Paris? In fact, it was quite a normal event in the world of fashion. In July 1946, the French fashion designer Luis Reard launched a new model of women’s swimwear and called it Bikini. A small piece of cloth that shook the whole world.

Bikini explosion

In the public, the conscience of this piece of cloth resonated much more than the explosion of a nuclear bomb. This humble piece of cloth was explosive and dangerous. Scandalous at least as much as an atomic bomb.

Although the two-piece swimsuit was not a novelty, the boom it caused can only be compared to the new look introduced by Coco Chanel in the 1920s.

Such swimwear was worn before the invention of the bikini.


The first girl to pose in a bikini was French ballerina Micheline Bernardin.

50,000 marriage offers

The first girl to pose in a bikini was French ballerina Micheline Bernardin. According to media reports, she received more than 50,000 marriage proposals in a short period of time.

The French accepted the fashion innovation calmly. Just like any other fashion innovation. Their only concern was how to make these pieces of fabric look as elegant as possible.

The bikini quickly caught on in Italy as well. There, conservative Italian women soon began to wear it as well.

As is usual with revolutionary innovations, bikini swimwear was seen as rudeness, shamelessness, debauchery and even danger. Because of these swimsuits, even the Vatican came forward. Of course negative and averse to new things.

Anti-bikini people

At the same time as the emergence of bikini swimwear, anti-bikini people also emerged, who unleashed their fury and indignation on girls who were dressed in bikinis on beaches and swimming pools.

People were divided again. Most accepted the bikini without any problems. Still, many a father has beaten his daughter for wearing a bikini. It was a time when authorized agents in Italy and elsewhere in the world walked the beaches accompanied by gendarmes and measured the size of girls’ bikinis. In this way, they determined whether the girls were dressed decently or indecently. So they decided what was allowed and what was not allowed. What is not punished and what should be punished.

The most beautiful bikini was at the time when there was very little fabric in fashion. Bikini has a great sex appeal in it, which is far from naive. Bikini is innocent and not innocent at the same time. He knows and doesn’t know what is all about.

If it’s kitschy, it’s tasteless. If it is simple, it is the most beautiful and the most provoking.

If it’s too small, it’s vulgar, if it’s too big, it’s no longer a bikini.

Bikini and Topless

Bikini and Topless

Like any revolution, the bikini revolution has passed. Bikini has become everyday life. An essential part of almost every woman’s wardrobe. With this, he lost his original provocativeness. It has turned into a strictly functional part of the wardrobe.

After the bikini came a new revolution – topless. Topless fashion has come to beaches and swimming pools. More and more girls and women shamelessly began exposing their breasts to the sun and gaze.

While topless follows strict functionality, the bikini was the equivalent of an atomic bomb. The bikini had that real powerful charge. Toples doesn’t have it. So Toples can be everything or anything, but it can never be anything special. Even the shock effect of bare female breasts has died down over the years. That’s how even topless became part of everyday life.

Toples is therefore functionality, reality, honesty and, of course, at least a little provokation.

At the same time, it clearly proves to us that what is covered is much more provocing than what is revealed.

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