This is a Paradise: Episode 06

This is a paradise
My heart jumps when the day is left to the course of events. This day is among the winners. There is nothing better than getting up early and watching the first sun rays. Everything is waking up. I am watching all of this happen from high up in hills, hidden among trees, on a lonely “goat’s track.” 

On these tracks, I went up and down. Routes are often overgrown. In this way, I managed to walk the entire bay. I took the time and listened to the song of birds, the bubbling of the sea; I felt the wind on my skin… 

It did not rush to get anywhere, because life in the shadowy bay was still deeply asleep. On the way back I found a lavender that smelled lovely from far away. I stopped by and built a wreath, which in the following days adorned the catamaran.

This is a paradise

Catamaran Ariki
Mojca Debeljak

Mojca Debeljak wrote a story about her first sailing.
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