The Ideal Dinghy Solution

What is the ideal dinghy solution

Few years we sailed without a dinghy and swam to shore when anchored. This is doable while the weather is hot. But as it gets colder, it becomes uncomfortable. So what is the ideal dinghy solution?

This is why I thought about a new dinghy. I want a boat I can store in the trunk of a car. It has to be light enough for me to carry it myself. I want to sail the sea, rivers, and lakes. The most appropriate choice is an inflatable kayak. It is light and quite maneuverable in water.  It is the ideal dinghy solution.

In this video you can see how we transport our new inflatable dingy on Ariki’s deck.

My old dinghy accompanied me on sea holidays for 10 years before we built Ariki. The last time he was with me was on Ariki’s first major voyage. It was made of PVC and was already so worn out that it was always leaking. It just couldn’t be fixed. When I sealed one hole, two new ones appeared. And so on indefinitely.

I got tired of this futile work, so I gave it to a friend. He then gave it to his friend, who restored it and still uses it.

New dingy on Ariki’s deck

 Ariki’s first major voyage. 

So what is the ideal dinghy solution?

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