Surviving the First Storm: Episode 02

Surviving the First Storm: Episode 2
For a long time, I wanted to be able to observe the sea from the sailboat. This year, I decided not to go over the top with my holidays because I also have some other plans and goals. But quite an unexpected came an invitation, to experience the sea on the home-made catamaran Ariki. 

As soon as I arranged the most urgent matters, I drove with car to Portorož, where I was arranged to meet with my fellow “sailors.” An early morning ride through Ljubljana demanded its time tax, so the journey to the highway took a little longer than expected. Nevertheless, it was soon time to start my dream adventure. CRAZY. 

I did not think for long. I decided to let go, go with the flow and sail out, to somewhere unknown, it did not matter much to me. The most important thing for me was to go on a sailboat. The day before the departure, I learned that one member of our crew had abandoned the planned journey, so this became even more challenging for me. You wonder why?

Surviving the First Storm

Mojca Debeljak

Mojca Debeljak wrote a story about her first sailing. You can follow and contact her on Facebook.

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