Submarine Zeta 913

The submarine ZETA 913 was built in 1985

The submarine ZETA 913 was part of the Una class submarine construction project for the Yugoslav navy fleet. 

The opportunity to see a “diversant” submarine is not a common thing, so you should take this amazing opportunity. Are you coming with us?

The Catamaran Ariki is a very ascetic boat. It is not possible to stay on it when the days are colder. We can only sail during the warm summer months. Even then, we are not using it all the time. From autumn to spring, it sits in the harbor while we wander the land.

Matjaž writes tourist books and guides about Slovenia. Perhaps that’s why he was invited to see the interior of the military submarine. No one should miss such an opportunity, although a newly restored submarine was available for visit on land and not while in the water.

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We were in a submarine

It was a cold winter day. The wind was so strong that it was whistling. At the submarine, we were greeted by a guide who took us on a new adventure.

The submarine ZETA 913 was part of the Una class submarine construction project for the Yugoslav navy fleet. In the 1980s, they came to the conclusion that larger submarines were not suitable for carrying out a number of tasks in the Adriatic Sea and were looking for a more economical approach to the expansion of the submarine fleet. In total, six submarines were completed, named after Yugoslav rivers.

The submarine ZETA 913 was built in 1985 and certainly represents one of the many exceptional examples of Slovenian knowledge and industrial potential. The basic task of these pocket or diversant submarines was primarily transport and support for diversant divers.

The crews of these submarines consisted only of officers and non-commissioned officers, all professionals. Although Slovenia accounted for only 12% of the population in the former Yugoslavia, there were as many as 40% of the Slovenian personnel in the Yugoslav navy. Many of these officers have reached the highest levels.

Specifications of the submarine ZETA 913

The Zeta submarine is 20m long, 2.7m wide and 3.7m high. It weighs 76 tons.

The working depth of the dive is 105m, the limit, still safe depth of the dive is 130m, but they say that it can sink to a maximum of 180m.

The highest underwater speed is 8.2 knots, while at the surface of the water it is slightly slower, the maximum speed is only 6 knots.

The submarine is armed with four major mines and also transports four underwater scooters that have been transformed into torpedoes. There are six diversion mines on each.

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Submarine crew

There are 10 crew members on the submarine. Can you imagine 10 men in such a small enclosure? The smell must be unbearable. But a man can get used to almost anything…

The crew consists of four officers and non-commissioned officers who operate the submarine and also 6 divers, diversants who are a kind of suicide kamikaze. They do not have a great chance of survival and returning to the submarine when carrying out combat missions.

Speaking of this, we ended this adventure much better. We were all able to safely return outside and experience the cold winds again.

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