Strong Tramontana Winds: Episode 05

Strong tramontana winds
Today was a nice morning again, and sun rays have forecasted a nice day. With pleasure, I took a swim in the sea and woke up the very last sleepy cell of my body. I warmed up on the trampoline; then we had plentiful breakfast. 

It’s also time to talk and plan a route. Today, we had two options. 
First was to further explore the Solta, of course with a backpack, and the second was to make step forward, although the weather forecast is not exactly in favor of peaceful navigation. 

It was not a difficult decision for me. I certainly want to go forward and not back. As you have noted from previous posts and comments, waves do not throw me out of the track right away.

Strong tramontana winds

Strong tramontana winds

Mojca Debeljak

Mojca Debeljak wrote a story about her first sailing.
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