Sailing Through Dalmatia: Episode 04

Sailing Through Dalmatia – Today’s sailing route was fairly distant from the places on the continent. But that did not bother me because the weather was nice. The sails took me away already in the morning. I felt so good when I could hear all the sounds around me. And sailing allows for this peaceful voyage. 

I could surrender again to everything that was around me – waves, gentle rocking, and nearby boat here and there that I was delighted to take a picture of. 

I do not know these places. I learned that we would sail past Primoštren towards Rogoznica. It’s a little bigger bay than what I have been used up to now. I can not wait to see it.

Sailing Through Dalmatia

Mojca Debeljak

Mojca Debeljak wrote a story about her first sailing. You can follow and contact her on Facebook.

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