Sailing South with Catamaran Ariki: Episode 01

The years pass quickly

Time runs without a pause. When you look back, it seems that years passed by as days. 14 years have passed since the first voyage. Most of this time, catamaran Ariki was alone. We maintained it and continually fixed everything wrong, slowly complemented with this and that bit by bit and looked forward to every meeting with him. It has been many years since Ariki sailed south of the island of Sansego for the last time.  But now Sailing South with Catamaran Ariki again.

All these years have passed in craving for the sea, sailing and wandering around. But there was no real opportunity for that. Our income was modest. It was hard enough to live and maintain Ariki. There was simply no money for the trip. 

Mojca Debeljak

Mojca Debeljak

Sailing South with Catamaran Ariki

But this year, it is different. There is still a lot to do on Ariki, but it can wait for the next year. Now Ariki goes on a trip! Finally!!! 

The plan was to take my friend David and Mojca with me for the first 14 days. I will be alone for the next 14 days, and Mira and Maruša will join me in return. 

In mid-June, Ariki left his home port and headed south. The story of how Mojca, who was on the catamaran for the first time, experienced the sailing, will be told by her in this and the following videos. 

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