Prohibited for catamarans

Prohibited for Catamarans

Prohibited for Catamarans. Sailing through the dangerous Kvarner can be very calm if you catch the right weather. This time the sea was like a mirror. In this documentary video, we tell the story of Kvarner, the wind, the island of Susak and how catamarans were banned from landing there.

Sailing to Susak Sansego

The documentary Sailing to Susak Sansego was made a few years ago. The video tells the story of the island, its history and customs. Most of the inhabitants emigrated to the USA years ago. some of them visit the island for the biggest holiday, which is celebrated every year on August 15. This day is called “American Day” on the island.

About the island of Susak

The Susak Island is the most west-facing one of the Kvarner Gulf. It is located before the island of Lošinj in the open sea. From the northern side it resembles an upturned pot with a handle. The island has a surface of 1.45 square miles and is mainly growing with reed. At the highest pint, 98 m above the sea level, a lighthouse stands.

Susak Sansego
Where is it located?

It is 100 miles from Trieste, which lies at the very end of the Adriatic Sea, 25 miles from the Cape Kamenjak near Pula and 8 miles from Lošinj. 

The Susak Island is a true Adriatic jewel, an attraction without compare in the world!

How the island came to be and who were its first inhabitants is only partially known. Throughout the history, they were completely slaughtered on many occasions. They were always followed by others … Nowadays too, the history repeats itself. Many villagers moved to New Jersey and new people on the island are taking their place …

Natural phenomenon

Susak is a natural phenomenon of the Adriatic Sea, different from all the other islands. Its base limy rock only reaches a few metres above the sea level. The rock is covered with layers of fine sand up to 98 metres in height. It isn’t clear up to this day, how this small island was created. It is is approximately 1.86 miles long and 0.93 miles wide.

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