Nude at the After Party

Nude at the after party – Let’s go to the party. We are scheduled to meet at the mouth of the Dragonja River into the sea, which is only one nautical mile from our port. The weather will be nice. The night will be calm, without wind and waves. It will be warm. A party with friends awaits us along the only uninhabited part of the Slovenian coast, where there are no walkers or swimmers. 

Nude at the after party

If you drive to a party with a car, it’s a simple thing. You sit in it, turn the key and drive away. It’s a little different with boats. It doesn’t matter if you’re just going on a five-minute voyage or you’re going to be wandering for a whole month. Before each departure, the boat must be prepared for sailing. 

When we are not on our Ariki, everything on board is neatly stored in one of the cabins. All of this needs to be pulled out onto the deck first, then reassembled and set up. 

Nude at the after party

Preparing the catamaran for sailing

Well, let’s get started. It’s the dodger’s turn first.  Yeah, this is the mainsail, followed by the jib. The rudder consists of three wooden parts. Two tiller bars for each side and a stick connecting the two of them. Everything must be correctly attached… or placed… or assembled… or tied… or all at once. 

It is the same just before each departure. It takes at least half an hour for Ariki to be ready to sail. 

The myth of how you get there, untie the ropes and sail away is really just a fairy tale. The truth is different. 

The time between arrival and departure is hard work. So hard that you have to sit down and rest after it’s all done. Only then can you start thinking about how you will untie the boat and sail out of the safe harbor.

Nude at the After Party

Let's go to the party

The company at anchor is great. There is enough of everything, only the camera is forgotten alone in the hull in such moments. Time passes so fast that you don’t even think about it. Ah, we’ll be filming next time, you think. But next time it’s the same again. Good company of friends you haven’t met in a long time makes their own and the camera stays tidy again. Lots of wine and beer and rum ran down our throat. Of course, Neptune also got some of it. Such is the order at sea. If Neptune gets nothing, he can get angry. Then the peace is over. The wind blows, the waves rise, the lightning strikes, the rain pours… 

Because we have not forgotten him and we give him gifts from every bottle, he also pampers us. The night is calm. The moon is shining and the sea is like a mirror. 

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