How Expensive is the Island of Hvar

How expensive is the island of Hvar and how much does cost sailing in the Croatian part of the Adriatic with a small boat.  In this video, we will tell you firsthand how we sailed to the island of Hvar and what are the prices on this tourist island, which is considered to be extremely expensive, really like.

The series has 7 episodes

In mid-June, Ariki left the home harbor and sailed south. For the first part of the route from Portorož to the island of Hvar, Matjaž was accompanied by Mojca Debeljak, who was sailing together with him. You can watch the story on how she experienced the sailing with catamaran through series named “Sailing South with Catamaran Ariki” series has 7 episodes.

Prices for overnight stays in the northern Adriatic

We started our journey with sails, as is the case for real sailors. Slowly and with a great deal of patience, and after 30 miles of sailing, we anchored at the start of the Lim Channel for the first night. The very next night, we anchored ourselves in Banjole near Pula.

We sailed across Kvarner with help of morning bora, and from Susak to the Dugi otok by the breeze of afternoon northwest. At nightfall, we moored ourselves at the buoy at Sakarun Bay on the outer, western side of the Island Dugi otok. The bay itself is exposed to the south.

Regardless of that, mooring is a paid service here. The price for one night is 35 EUR, regardless of the length of your vessel. They are very diligent when it comes to collecting money. We arrived so late that the people in charge of collecting the money were gone, and we left the place early in the morning, at the first dawn, when they have not yet arrived.

Due to bad weather, we were forced to spend few days at the island of Žirje in Stupica Bay. We moored at the last buoy, right at the end of the bay. They charged us a symbolic 7 EUR per night.

The very first night at the island of Solta, catamaran Ariki was moored ashore at the port. The price for such luxury was 25 EUR.

The next day we moved to the neighboring Nečujam Bay where we stayed for two nights. Anchoring in Nečujam Bay is free. Towards the end of the bay, the barges anchor themselves and moor to the shore. The bay is also safe from the bora, which has a great force around here.

Island Hvar

The goal of this year’s trip was to reach the island of Hvar, which is the fourth largest island in the Adriatic Sea and at the same time, the longest island. It is 68 km long, and it is measuring 299 square kilometers. It is the most famous Adriatic island. By the number of sunny days, it sits at the very first place in the Adriatic. 

The island which is interspersed with stone walls is covered by pine forests, vineyards and lavender plantations.  The villages are built of stone and are old. The cities are more luxury. Among them is the town of Hvar, with a fortress overlooking the hill above the white palaces. It almost feels as if time stopped in many places of this island, but in tourist and economically developed areas, it keeps ticking at fast pace.

I stayed on the island of Hvar for three weeks. For duration of this time, The Ariki catamaran was moored sideways to an old stone pier that’s over 100 years old.  Most of those days there was northwest wind blowing. Across the area of 7 nautical miles wide canal between the islands of Šolta and Brač on the east side and the island of Hvar on the west side, this wind slowly turns to quite powerful tramontana. The height of the waves in such a wind is between 2 and 4 meters. For this reason, there are no tourist boats and many other charter fleets present at sea. Stiniva was almost deserted those days, as it goes for me, I enjoyed every breath of lovely air, and every moment of that magical time.

How expensive is the island of Hvar

When the weather turned nice and peaceful, the speedboats, sailboats and tourist boats floated into the bay. Those days I decided to wander the island. From Stiniva it took an hour of walk to village of Brusje at the elevation of 300 m. The walk to Hvar takes an hour and a half walk and with elevation of 200 meters above sea level in both directions. The Old Town though is 10 km away. There’s a big supermarket with usually low prices and a restaurant that doesn’t empty your pockets.

Mooring at Stiniva Pier is completely free. That’s  the case with all of the smaller bays in Hvar. An exception are places where yacht quay requires a daily fee. Prices range from 1 to 3 euros per meter of boat’s length. For catamarans, a 50% surcharge must be added to the base price.

As it goes for the town of Hvar and the nearby Pakleni islands, prices rocket sky high. Mooring at the pier costs150 euros per night. A slice of pizza, one eight of entire pizza, is 6 euros. In other places of the island, this is almost enough for a whole pizza. It is pretty much the same with beer. In the town of Hvar, beer costs anywhere between 5 and 10 euros. Elsewhere around the island, it costs from 2 to 3 euros.

How expensive is the island of Hvar

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