Discover the Beauty of Sailing: Episode 03

Discover the Beauty of Sailing: Episode 3
After a stunning sunset, the morning I woke up into was not as nice. Apparently, on the third day of my journey, the weather decided to show me the other side, and test my acquired knowledge. We departed the bay early in the morning. 

More than to me, it was clear to my captain what awaits us. Well, let’s call it a merry-go-round on the open sea. Already at the start, it was clear that I need to repeat certain things again so that I can navigate safely. So far, I have also learned how to raise and lower the sails. 

Today, this will be important, since doing this in the wind can be significantly different than in quiet weather. As soon as we sailed from a bay in Veruda, it was clear to us both, that we would both need to do work this time.

Discover the  Beauty of Sailing

Mojca Debeljak

Mojca Debeljak wrote a story about her first sailing. You can follow and contact her on Facebook.

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