The Catamaran got it’s name: ARIKI

Catamaran got it’s name: ARIKI. Time and place: Yachting center in the Izola shipyard, July and August 2004


In the Yachting center, we received a warm welcome. Nowhere else on the Slovenian coast there is such a working oasis. Here you can do just about anything and there are no visitors at all.

It took us 3 weeks to put the catamaran together and make it ready for the first sailing. It was put together quickly and afterwards the work on small things has started: a 12V electricity needed to be set, 55 W solar panel enables enough electricity. So as far the electricity goes, the catamaran is completely self-sufficient.

Catamaran got it’s name: ARIKI

Finally the big day came and the catamaran got its name: ARIKI. There were two godfathers; Mira with a champagne and Jure Šterk that was a kind of master for the protocol and made sure everything was ok.

Mira broke the champagne in her 2nd try! Now it is no longer a catamaran, it is ARIKI!


ARIKI put in water… swimming… did not hit the rock bottom… yaay!!!

The motor would not start. Now what? Rowing???!!

Ah the good old Tomos 4. Always out of order when you need it.It was the 3rd day it finally granted our wish and started to roar.

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