Little Secrets

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First there was nudity. Then there was nudity for a long time. It was only recently that nudism emerged. In this video, we tell you about the origin and flourishing of nudism

Nakedness is a Trait

I must first emphasize that nudity is not a thing or an object. Nudity is a trait. The characteristic of the naked is nudity.

Nude at the After Party

Let's go to the party. We are scheduled to meet at the mouth of the Dragonja River into the sea, which is only one nautical mile from our port.

Is sailing without instruments really so dangerous that you shouldn't do it? For many it is a very dangerous thing to do, for others it is their daily life and way of life.

Intimate on board

Hi! In this video, we will talk about the intimate part of life on small boats, which is hidden from view, but still excites the imagination of many.

Pokljuka Gorge

At the beginning of the valley of the river Radovna, an interesting Pokljuka gorge flows into the slope of Pokljuka.