Catamaran ARIKI Underwater Hull Modification

Catamaran ARIKI Underwater Hull Modification. Already in July, when Ariki came into water, we could not balance it. So in August it was lifted up again and several things were made in between.

At the end of August Ariki was in water again. When sailing with motor Ariki went straight on, without a problem. Problems came when the sails were lifted. Catamaran started to turn rapidly towards the wind, the rudder weight at minimum, but the speed was such that an autopilot was absolutely out of question. As if the sails would be lifted too high. Hmm, well, at the wind speed of three knots?

What is wrong?

I still could not have figured it out if something was wrong with Ariki or were it really the sails? The sailmaker said back then that the mast should stand 30 cm forwards. The constructor of the catamaran really blew it when saying that sail manufacturers did not stick to the project and modified the sails.

A Complete Success!

I suffered from stage fright when Ariki went back to water a week later. First I was afraid how that glued board (see pics) will work out on the bands of the lift. But there was no problem!

Bora was blowing when Ariki sailed out of the Izola shipyard. Wind speed 10, gusts of wind up to 15 knots. Sailing with full sails and with wind in the back is now completely different. The steering is so easy that I could not feel it in my hands. Even if I let it go it stays where it is and the boat is headed forward.

Catamaran ARIKI Underwater Hull Modification – A Complete Success!

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  1. True poetry for boatbuilding amateurs and sailors. I love the Istrian and Dalmatian sides of the Adriatic and hope to cross Ariki’s wake some time soon.

    Best luck for you, family and boat, in any order you prefer 🙂

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